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An ever open environment which encourages ideation, innovation and collaboration. You shall thrive in the freedom to express and perform - an opportunity to be a catalyst for change.

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Why EbixCash?

We promote diversity, inclusion and collaborative work culture which is not rigidly hierarchical. What you get is a phenomenal width and depth of technology, knowledge and executional expertise.

Work Environment: Dynamic work culture. Minimal hierarchy.

Work-Life Balance: Enhancing employee productivity while ensuring a proper work-life balance. Gym to work-out. Fashion Café to have your snacks.

Training and Development: EbixCash provides training and development opportunities throughout the year.

EbixCash promotes an environment which seeks to encourage ideas! We offer opportunities to grow and excel:

  • Drive your growth: take your life to the high growth zone with your ideas and skills.
  • Keep updated: Learn on the job – keep enhancing skills along the way.
  • Keep healthy: invest in your health and well-being. A healthy person is more productive.

Life at EbixCash

WORK CULTURE: Deep Insight

EbixCash Way of Life:

Our work culture represents our value system. It defines our character and shapes our behavior. It lights our path for the future while helping us stay grounded in our reality–fires our passion to achieve our goals while simultaneously ensuring that our present is fully energized and growing. Our culture is built on inclusion, collaboration, empowerment and high performance. We encourage an open door policy where people can work freely to perform and grow. You get trained to explore multiple domains across entities as it opens a world of possibilities.

We consider EbixCash as one big family which nurtures individual aspirations and builds on their collective energies – a power house of Teamwork!

Pillars of EbixCash

Dextrous Innovation

Experience the forever evolving world of information and technology. An ideal tool for empowerment, Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) is being harnessed to enhance every Ebixian’s potential to excel.


Highly involving environment which helps to foster sound judgement, honesty, dependability and loyalty.

Passion & Ownership

We maintain a viable corporate culture which values each individual member. EbixCash is passionate about its business and it reflects in the commitment to excel in its service offerings to customers.


Knowledge Management Processes, serve as a mediating factor in building the relationship between the company and the client. We keep client's comfort as our first priority as we build on our current competencies while exploring the new ones with equal dexterity. This ideology makes us committed to achieve targeted and qualitative goals.

Respect & Dignity

At EbixCash, we are committed to respect our employees and clients, treat them with dignity, honesty and fairness.

EbixCash stands as a benchmark of a great place to work with flexibility of working hours, good salary structure and appraisal system, with avenues for work-life balance and opportunities for growth for its employees.

Open Positions

Discover how you can make an impact: See our areas of work, plans for future growth

Project Manager - OpenAPI SaaS Platforms Developments

Leading and communicating across multiple projects and aligned with leadership and customer facing teams.

Collaborate efficiently with product management, technical program management, operations, and other engineering teams to capture requirements, drive design, architecture and implementation, provide process improvement and execution transparency

Mumbai or Noida
Full Time
Developers : Flutter, React Native

Translate and build the designs and wireframes into high quality UI code.

Use of Model-View-Controller ( MVC) and Model-View-ViewModel-Controller (MVVM).

Resolve any problems existing in the system and suggest and add new features in the complete system.

Mumbai or Noida
Full Time

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